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 "We attribute much of our success to experience and team work. We understand our market, and we listen to buyers so that we can offer the best possible value."


-Mark Frazier

Company History


Founded in 1992, the Silveroak Companies is a land developer specializing in the acquisition, entitlement, development and joint venture construction of residential in-fill projects, primarily in Southern California. The Silveroak Companies also provide equity financing to small and start-up developers and home builders.


Since March of 2009, Silveroak and its co-investors have provided nearly $30 million in equity financing and acquired numerous projects for development in California and Washington. These projects have generated more than $100 million in revenue, with substantial profits and internal rates of return more than double typical industry averages. The Silveroak Companies actively seeks “compelling” projects to acquire for development, talented builders in need of equity funding, and equity investors interested in co-financing these ventures.


Over the years, Silveroak has achieved success through all stages of a project. From finance and sales to planning and engineering, the Silveroak Companies provide real value and expertise, whether on our own, or on behalf of a client, partner, or investor.

Mark L. Frazier- Founder & President


Mark Frazier, President of the Silveroak Companies, has 40 years of real estate experience in home building, land development, master planned communities, joint ventures and equity financing.


A self-described opportunistic real estate entrepreneur, Mark anticipated the correction in the overheated real estate market and suspended land acquisitions in 2005. He positioned Silveroak to take advantage of tremendous real estate opportunities in 2009 to today.

Prior to forming Silveroak, Mark served as Chief Financial Officer and then President and Chairman of Barratt American, a major California builder. During his more than eighteen years at Barratt (and its predecessor American National Housing), the company acquired and developed more than 15,000 residential units in four states. Mark was instrumental in the adoption of enabling legislation and funding of the first Mello-Roos Formation District in California in 1983.


Mark has earned respect from his peers in the industry, serving on committees and groups. Mark was a runner-up "Builder of the Year" in 1989 and was a leading proponent of the campaign to defeat Orange County's Measure "A" initiative in 1988.


Mark holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Iowa and a Certificate in Real Estate Investment Analysis from The Wharton School.

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