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Targeted, more specialized projects are truly our advantage. This strategy, guided by uncompromising integrity and a carefully managed business plan, leaves us lean and agile. We are able to quickly react to changing market trends, homebuyer preferences, and emerging locational hot spots- without taking undue risks, and while still maintaining the ultimate control over project timing. The result is highly successful projects, each providing maximum appeal and excellent investment returns.

"If you aren't passionate about delivering a quality product, you don't have a chance of producing it."

-Mark Frazier

Recent Projects


Silveroak Investment has recently completed successful single-family residential projects in Cypress, Lake Forest, and Anaheim as well as two land development investment opportunities in Lake Forest, each of which has generated significant rates of returns well in excess of industry standards.

Stonehaven Cypress
New Projects


The Company’s latest offerings include The Chino Collection, an up-scale 39 large lot project in a close-in Chino location and Collage, a superbly orchestrated in-fill assemblage resulting in 47 five-thousand square foot lots in highly desirable Anaheim, CA.

Chino Collection
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